Vacationing At The Beach

I love the beach. Probably because it's so serene and calming you can lose yourself and have a great time. The best time to go to the beach is by yourself. Taking the family is fun but whenever they come along there is always so much confusion, I hardly can get a moment to myself.

Half the time I end up running after my son who is trying to talk to all the girls wearing thong bikinis. He can't control himself whenever he goes to the beach.

I like sitting out in a chair with a good book, a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and sun block and just spending time with me. No husband, kids or family members around to get me upset about what they're doing. I recommend taking time out for yourself and heading out to the ocean anytime you can. You'll thank yourself.

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Vacationing with Our Pets

One year we couldn't find an animal sitter for our 3 dogs and 2 cats so we planned a special vacation with them in mind. We scoped out some of the local parks and took our camper out with the dogs and cats.

At first they didn't even want to run around but after some coaxing, they were sniffing and pooping in the area like they've been there all along. The cats were the most timid. They had a small problem roaming around so they mostly stayed in the camper but the dogs had so much fun. All I did was slip into my bathing suit and take out the lounging chair to hang out and relax while the animals did their thing.

I guess there were little critters running around because every time I turned around they were chasing something in the bushes. It was so much fun and you can have fun on trips with your animals and don't have to leave them home alone.


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Vacationing in the Backyard

Sometimes you don't feel like packing up and making reservations to go anywhere. You kind of just want to relax at home. So my husband and kids and I planned a vacation in our backyard. We went out and bought a few tents and sleeping bags and got out the old camping gear to park it right at the back of our house.

The neighbors were so envious and wanted to join but it was going to be just a family thing. We cooked hot dogs and hamburgers on a camping grill and told each other scary stories. We made smores and laughed like we were really out in the woods. It was kind of warm outside so I got to wear my swimsuit top and shorts.

My kids had a great time and I think that we're going to do it more often. It's cheap and we got to spend quality family time together. Give it a try and if you do drop me a line and let me know how it went.

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Vacationing With Our Best Friends

Oh boy, what a great time my husband and I had when we were vacationing with our best friends, the Thompsons. They are a cute couple that have been married about as long as we have been. We met them at a function for one of our kids and hit it off. When it came time to take a vacation, we all decided to take a vacation together.

We didn't want to go anyplace too far away so we decided to go to New York. New York City is a wonderful place to visit. We all arrived very excited and checked into the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The rooms were small but very elegant. Once we were settled in, we went out onto the town and caught some of the sights. We visited 42nd street, the Statue of Liberty, the Village, Battery Park and Central Park.

The Thompsons are such a lovely couple to vacation with. We all got along well together and it was so much fun having another couple to bounce off of. When the guys got on our nerves, me and Ginger Thompson would go off together for some girl time. The trip went by so fast but we took a lot of fun pictures. I wouldn't mind vacationing with them again next year.

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Vacationing With My Parents

I'm a grown women with kids but there is something about hanging out with your parents that is very refreshing. They're clear in their 60's but they like to have fun and go to all sorts of places. One place in particular they they enjoy visiting is the casino.

Last year my husband and I gave them an anniversary present and we all went to Las Vegas. You would think that my parents were in their 20's with the way they were running around and acting wild in the casinos. My dad ran up to every girl that he saw and tried to flirt with her. My mother could have cared less. She's so happy to be out of the house, she hardly even noticed.

We took in many of the sights and my mother and I headed to the spa while my husband and dad hung out at the pool. All of the girls in sexy swimsuits had my guy going crazy. My mother was just happy he wasn't bothering her. We had a great time and next year we're going to treat them to a trip to the bahamas. They have a casino out there that would really get my parents really excited.

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Vacationing Without My Kids

I've been married for 15 years and have managed to spit out three kids in the process. I love my kids. My husband and three sons, ages 14, 13 and 12, are the center of my life. I can hardly remember a time when I've had a moment to myself. Although I'm not complaining, my dream has always been to take a cruise to the carribbean islands. Ever since my kids were born, my husband and I have been too busy to take any kind of trip, let alone to the carribbean islands. Well, a miracle happened and my dream has come true. It seems my husband's dad had to have a hernia operation and they needed some extra help. So my husband volunteered to take my sons out to the ranch for a summer of fun and learning experience. That meant, I was left to fend for myself for two whole months. What a treat.

As soon as they were on the road, the first thing I did was jump online to look for available cruises and island vacation packages. I found a ship going out to St. Croix and surrounding small islands. It was mine. Before it was time to leave, I went online to shop for a brand new bikini. I couldn't make up my mind. There was a vast array of different ones that made me want to buy them all. It was hard deciding between the kind I wanted but I ended up buying fourteen of them so I would have at least two for every day of my trip. I am expecting to go on the local beaches and flaunt my brand new bathing suits as well as hang out at the cruise spas and on top of the pool deck.

So I'm all packed and ready to go and who knows what I will encounter. Wish me luck.

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Vacationing Without My Husband

Going on my carribbean cruise is a wonderful experience but it's very lonely without my husband. One of the things about cruising and hanging out on the islands is that they are very romantic and I didn't have anyone to be romantic with. Sure it's great not having the kids around but you want someone to look at the sunset with you while sipping wine and eating lobster.

It's very tempting hanging out on the beach wearing a skimpy bathing suit and guys looking at you but you can't really accept any advances. I was drawing all kinds of attention from guys ages 10 to 80. It was very exciting to walk around and get so much attention that I haven't gotten in over 15 years.

All I did was basically take in the sights, hang out at the pool on the deck and decline free drinks all day. There was one guy in particular that looked lonely like me and he was married but travelling alone also. We talked briefly and I noticed he kept looking at me in a very alluring manner, but I didn't say anything about it.

On my last day, I wore a swimsuit that got so much attention, I had to keep a shawl tied over my hips because you would think I was naked. Being the mother of three boys over the age of 10 hasn't given me this much attention in years. What would the PTA mothers think? I didn't care, I was having fun.

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